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The ABC Group is celebrating five years of existence and is announcing further plans

After 5 years of forming the ABC Group and adapting to the COVID situation in the past 2 years, the time has come for the ABC Group to be launched and presented in a new market in the USA. Our group business is now focused on expanding what we started. Successful expansion from 2022 in the USA will provide us with an increase in profits and will reach new customers. Times are challenging for each group and, depending on your business, are associated with the risks you are willing to take.

ABC Group marks 5 years of existence by expanding into the US market

ABC Group has decided on new development strategies in the USA and each is associated with a different level of risk and potential. Our market penetration is the safest way, because you already know the products and the market you will target. Selling more products to a new customer in those markets or expanding the range of existing products requires little research and risk (which we did in 2020-2021), and now we are confident that we can achieve greater goals of our group through new partners in the USA. Lowering prices to compete with competitors is not a strategy of ABC Group and their partners, as the market has changed and raw material prices are rising in the global market. Partners within the ABC Group use aggressive marketing campaigns to sell more industrial products in their current market. According to the President of ABC Group Mr. Josip Abramovic, penetrating new markets is the second most intensive growth strategy of ABC Group and their partners.

ABC Group’s main strategy is product development, new products and models generate revenue growth for the company. Product development is a bit more risky because it is uncertain how the market will behave on it. Insight into customer needs is imperative as well as successful innovation. ABC Group has launched many new products from the STARK brand since 2017, a few years later 8 product groups can be seen in more than 60 countries around the world.

The risk continues to expand with market developments. ABC Group’s philosophy is, “The world is your oyster, and entering the global market offers plenty of opportunities if partnerships unite!” ABC Group supplies its products to one of the largest producers of cement, paper, steel, sugar, coal, water purifiers, etc.

Expansion and networking are the key to success

From the beginning, we have been successfully dealing with currency fluctuations, problems in deliveries, because we are globally financially secure and provide a secure logistics network. ABC Group’s strategy is based on multicultural acceptance of differences depending on the market and mentalities. We adapt to each market and learn what its needs are and what is more attractive to a new customer.

We are convinced that market development does not have to be globalization, it can be the use of digitization where we focus on the speed of functioning through our partnerships in Industry. ABC Group is able to keep up with the requirements of its new customers and partners. Growth within the Group within the last 2 years provides us with strong support to the exit on to the US market.

Although it is not easy these days, expansion is key to development not only within the company but also for the future. It encourages innovation and progress, as well as increases employment opportunities within our group. We are convinced that without constant growth and progress, words such as improvement, achievement and success cannot kill meaning.

We look forward to all new potential partners and visionaries in the American market and invite them to join us in building even better global industrial partnerships.

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