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Slide Discover ABC Group Industrial Network Group In today’s Industry, having the right connections is everything. ABC Group is an innovative business network that helps you grow your company.

Slide ABC Group offers access to more than 500 industrial buyers and 10+ renowned industrial suppliers worldwide.

Whether you are looking for additional sales channels or want a combined purchasing advantage, our network makes international trading hassle-free and successful. We work together to make your company reach its full potential.

Slide Industry 4.0 ABC Group encourages smart manufacturing and digital innovation.
Our objective is to help companies achieve superior performances and efficiency.

We know that Industry 4.0 solutions will lead to value innovation, increased revenues, market share, and profits, mainly through much more reliable and consistent productivity and output.
ABC Group was established in 2017 with 5 distributing companies that sold 3 brands. Since that moment the group has been expanding rapidly to 55 selected partners worldwide, consisting of suppliers, OEMs and distributing and trading companies.
Each ABC partner is a proven expert in its field and has extensive know-how related to the groups’ portfolio.

Our network enables smaller companies to market products together and get a stronger voice in the industry. By joining forces, ABC Group makes the way larger enterprises work available to smaller companies.

Central in our philosophy are international excellence, quality and growth.
About us

30 Countries MILESTONES Recently the ABC group has already reached the following milestones: Partners Coverage 55 Collaborations Business 300% Turnover growth Switzerland 2017 Founded

Experience the power of ABC Group and benefit from the following advantages for suppliers: Use of an extensive global distribution network A bigger sales volume of the same product Ability to offer short delivery times More efficient communication Access to 500 industrial buyers Strategic worldwide partnerships One single point of contact As factory and potential member of ABC Group you ensure short delivery times and fast shipping. You collaborate with OEMs and distributors by providing accurate supplier data and documentation and you participate actively in exchanging knowledge. Last but not least you guarantee the production of high quality drive solutions. Benefit from a strong network with the following advantages for OEMs: Reserved stock available in Europe Condensed purchase process Short delivery times and fast availability Customer-specific drive solutions High quality in production and support EU engineered: accurate data, drawings and R&D Smart and cost-efficient logistics organization As manufacturer and potential member of ABC Group you’re conscious of your part in the joint buying power and stock management. You’re open to collaborate with suppliers and distributors and you know how to communicate clearly and efficiently. You believe in the synergy of the group and won’t hesitate to exchange knowledge with other ABC Group members. Enjoy the advantages of our strong network with the following benefits for distributors: Joint buying power and stock management Short delivery times and fast availability Knowledge sharing and exchange of information Geographical market exclusivity ABC Group headquarters for communication Broad product portfolio Accurate supplier data and documentation As distributing company and potential member of ABC Group you’re conscious of your part in the joint buying power and stock management. You’re open to collaborate with suppliers and OEMs and you know how to communicate clearly and efficiently. You participate actively in exchanging knowledge with other ABC Group members. And last but not least you guarantee high-quality support. Benefits of abc group To discover how your company can benefit from ABC Group, click one of the tabs below. Original manufacturers Distributors Factories

Slide ABC Group operates worldwide.
The strong and trusted brands we distribute are leaders in their markets and our distributors serve customers in more than 30 countries.
Where we operate London  ·  Zurich  ·  New York  ·  Chicago  ·  MUNICH  ·  Shanghai  ·  Amsterdam  ·  Warschau  ·  Berlin  ·  Rome  ·  Paris  ·  Madrid  ·  Moscow  ·  New Delhi  ·  HONGKONG  ·  Istanbul  ·  Johannesburg

Slide Get in touch with us for more information. READY FOR A PARTNERSHIP? Contact us

Slide Brands we distribute ABC Group distributes high-quality products of renowned companies. A selection of the brands we distribute:

Slide Electric Motors, Forced Ventilation, High Voltage, Stainless Steel, Gears, Linear motors and Pumps Bosch Rexroth VFDs Easy-to-use, reliable frequency converters for every type of application like pumps, HVAC and conveyor systems. STARK Drive Systems BEGE MIG® Encoders Compact, dustproof and fully shock and water-resistant flange encoders for ultra-precise positioning.