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Dutch Synergy: ABC’s marketing partner

We are proud to announce the entry of Dutch Synergy to ABC Group. Dutch Synergy is a digital marketing consultancy agency that makes industrial companies successful online and help them grow.

While building a strong network of industrial suppliers, distributors and OEMs, we realized that in this digital era, without a firm online presence, it will be much more difficult for a business to become or stay successful. If our members would be searching for a reliable marketing partner to boost their visibility online, it’s decidedly easier to accomplish these goals if they could get in touch with a member of our network who they already have a strong relationship with.

Josip Abramovic, Owner ABC Consulting and Founder of ABC Group: “I know that the majority of ABC group’s members don’t have time to do marketing themselves. That’s why I suggested Dutch Synergy to become part of our network. From previous projects I got to know these professionals. Unlike general marketing agencies, Dutch Synergy understands the industrial market. They know the challenges entrepreneurs in the Industry are facing. That’s why Dutch Synergy is my trusted advisor when it comes to marketing, ever since.”

Marijke Beekman, Managing Partner and Digital Marketing Consultant at Dutch Synergy:

“Us joining ABC Group is synergy in optima forma. Together with ABC Consulting and all other partners we will be able to execute online initiatives with an effect that´s greater than the sum of all parts. It’s a pleasure to work with like-minded professionals in the Industry who want to grow their business and obtain success.”

Daan Broekman, Managing Partner and Web Expert at Dutch Synergy:

“We feel the partnership with ABC Group gives mutual opportunities and will increase the attractiveness of the ABC members on internet. We combine our knowledge of the industrial market with expertise in effective marketing strategies, innovative websites and convincing texts. With interactive and engaging websites, more customers and more sales as result.”

Dutch Synergy will be present in the office in Kleve on a monthly basis for meetings with other group members. For more information about this partner please visit their website.

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